Romanesque monastery

Popularly this building is known as Sant Joan Monastery. Village dwellers formerly referred to it as the old church. From the ancient Benedictine monastery from the medieval era we can still visit the church.    

The church, dated from the XII Century and it was declared an Asset of National Cultural interest in 1982, and it is one of the great examples of religious architecture in la Garrotxa County. Outside, pink is the main colour of the walls, the decorations of the apse and the existence, in one of the side walls, of a stone block carved in the Visigoth period from the previous temple that was at the same place before, its references date back to the year 958. Inside it excels de decoration of the spires, baptismal font from the XII Century, and the different pieces of art exhibited at the side naves, among them the replica of the majesty of Sant Joan les Fonts.The Romanesque Monastery is one of the three buildings that is part of the medieval route of Sant Joan les Fonts, along with the medieval bridge and Juvinyà Castle. The monument is included in CATALONIA SACRA – Pla de l’Estany and Garrotxa: on the lap of the Pyrenees route.

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