Medieval castle estada Juvinyà

The fortified Juvinyà castle is a construction dated in the XII – XIV Century, and it consists of two buildings: the tower, the oldest part, and the house of the XIV Century. It was declared an Asset of National Cultural interest in 1972.

Popularly it is know as Juvinyà Castle. Its history goes as far back in time as the ground it was built on. Fonts Family, first owners of the area where there is the castle now; exploited a hydraulic flourmill in this place. At the end of the XIII Century the windmill burned down. The new owners, The Knights of Juvinyà, built their permanent residence over its remains: L’Estada de Juvinyà. The last descendants of the knights lineage, Gueraua de Juvinyà and Pere d’Hortal, left the fortified house at the end of the XIV Century. The house passed through different farmer families’ hands that kept its name until 1982 when it was acquired by the City Council of the Municipality. Restoration works were finished in 2003 and the first permanent exposition was opened to the public in 2005. The Juvinyà Castle is one of the three buildings that is part of the medieval route of Sant Joan les Fonts, along with the medieval bridge and the Church of the Benedictine Monastery. The monument is included into Catalonia Cultural Castles route.

At the present is the Francesc Caula municipal library

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