Sant Joan les Fonts Three lava flows route

The lava flows itinerary

Discover how volcanoes from Sant Joan les Fonts area placed its lava in the space of Fondo mill and Boscarró.

At this unique place in la Garrotxa County, you can easily discover three lava flows that went one on top of the other in different spaces of time. The oldest one is from about 600,000 years ago, the second one is from about 150,000 years ago and the most modern is from 120,000 years ago. This last one is the one that correspond to the place of el Boscarró, outstanding location to discover the different shapes that lava takes when it gets cold.

Inside the route you can also visit the Fontfreda cliff, a big wall of volcanic rock of great beauty as well as some natural sources of drinking water.

The route is one of the most important in the volcanic area of la Garrotxa Natural Park. It is a circular route for walking, enjoying the beauty of the landscape and the nature. 


Recomendations: It is recomended to bring maps of the area. It is necessary to bring suitable clothes and shoes. The itinerary is signposted in the Natural Park as the number 16 in yellow colour. During strong rain periods the stream of Bianya flooded all the area.



Technical details: 

Duration: 1 h 50 min / 20 min (short)

Difficulty: Medium

Unevenness: 200 m

Length: 5,5 km / 1,6 km (short)


More information:

- Sant Joan les Fonts City Council

- Volcanic Area of la Garrotxa Natural Park

- GarrotxaTourism

- Girona Costa Brava and Pyrenees Department







Town Hall: Crta. d'Olot, 32 - ca l'Esquirolet  Sant Pere street, 2 (Medieval bridge)


From Monday to Friday, 9am to 2pm attend at the Town Hall



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